• I really enjoyed your post! Manners are so important, especially online manners. Totally agree with every point.

    • Thanks Mariska. I think so many people forget this simple thing, but having good manners makes such a positive difference.

  • Will definitely have a pint for Mr. Neil Papworth.
    I too can relate to your list of uses. Do not forget downloading health and fitness apps for those moments you might “crave” exercise.

  • Oh wow, this is very cool. Especially in terms of finding like minded people, on Instagram which can prove difficult because people post such random different things! Thanks for sharing!

  • Talk about a motivational post! This makes me want to go out there and just follow my dreams in business. To create something for me, for my family. A legacy:) always had something in mind… just need to focus on the energy and courage to do it

  • Sometimes I think I’m over this working for someone else business and really should do my own thing. Just not sure what that “thing” is as yet but working towards my goal of becoming an Entrepreneur. I’m surrounded by like minded people and get that it is NOT a 9-5 job but the rewards are so worth it. Good on you for doing your own thing! I may require your services in future :-)

  • That is what makes Entrepreneurs different from other people. You have a fire inside you and you look at the world differently. That is so special. Never let that fire go out. xxx #Lekkerlinky

  • Best advice every! If I had to get everything perfect for my blog before I start, I will still not have published. But jumping in and just starting has helped “forced” me to focus on good enough. #lekkerlinky

  • You really came from above and reading this now makes me long for those days where you were just around the corner. You showed me so many things and I will forever be greatful for this! I give you 5 Stars!

  • I am using @bluemediaedit and have found PHENOMENAL growth and engagement on my social media and website grow from using her tips and implementing the comments on her audit of my website. 👌 Hi highly recommend Carly.

  • Eeek this is so scary 1. Because of the damage it could do to rankings etc but 2. Because I’m not sure I understand all you are saying 🙈.

    I was asked recently to share an article in which I had been quoted as saying something on my In the Press’ page which I did. To share something there I get a link to their article using skimlinks then add a photo to my site and attach the link to the photo with a short original description underneath…. my question is, is this a canonical link? I’d hate to think I need to take my In The Press page down 🙈🤦🏼‍♀️

    • Hi Sarah. If it’s a link to their article with original wording about the article, then it’s fine. If it is the whole article again on your site, word for word, then it’s not great. Let me know if that makes sense? If not send me a DM and I can check it out.

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  • After 90 minutes’ SEO training with Carly I went back to my blog and got it to turn green for SEO for the first time. She is full of great tips that are easy to implement,and training over Zoom is so useful just now. Thanks Carly.

    • Hi Newton,
      I haven’t finalised my courses yet but I have a Couple or Pinterest Workshops running in October. One is for beginners, the other is for those with more experience who want to work on a strategy. Both are in my shop, have a look and let me know if you’re interested in either of these.

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  • I had a clone take my Facebook picture and name and create an Instagram profile. Then this cloned Instagram person sent all of my friends messenger messages. None of my friends on my Facebook account and messenger are my friends on Instagram. I do not commingle the two accounts. My Instagram name is an alias. So this person got all my information from what little bit they could see on Facebook to create an Instagram account of me. I get that, but what I don’t get is how did they send messages to all my friends in messenger?

  • Currently experiencing this. My instagram is a big part of my small business so I’m feeling very worried about the effect having someone impersonate me is going to have on my business. Really hoping that Instagram take the clone account down soon.

  • I had my account cloned and the cloned account has been sending my friends request for money. I reported it to Instagram and they said it doesn’t violate community standards!