The Top 4 Technical SEO Tips For Bloggers

technical seo tips for bloggers

In this post I am sharing the top 4 technical SEO tips for bloggers that are simple and easy to implement. A good SEO strategy is important when building your Domain Authority, but that’s not the only reason why you need to have a bulletproof SEO strategy in place for your blog or website.

Note: Whilst I have written this post with bloggers in mind, this information is relevant for anyone who has a blog attached to their website. Remember, blogs are a useful tool for your website as it can help with fresh content for your site, which Google loves. Creating blogs for your site is also a really great way to keep your audience coming back to visit your site.

Technical SEO is more than just building backlinks. It is how you optimise your website in such a way that it helps Google to crawl through it, analyze the content and index it. The easier you make it for Google, the better.

Here are the Top 4 things you need to do for a good technical SEO strategy.

Do Your Keyword Research

My first SEO tip is to do your Keyword Research and then use those keywords in your post. Keywords help Google to read what your post is about in order to help others fine it when they use those keywords. 

The easiest places to search for keywords are Google, Pinterest and UberSuggest. Don’t be afraid to use long-tail-keywords either.

SEO Tips - do your Keyword research

Image Optimisation

My second SEO tip is more technical SEO and that is to ensure the images you use in your post are optimised. Most importantly, they must have the name of the image, and the ALT text filled in, preferably with your keywords (if relevant – always be relevant!).

Google can’t read pictures so you need to tell them what the image is about by completing the title and the alt-text of the images in your post.

It’s also important to make sure that your images are not too large in size as too many large images will slow your site down. Fast site speed is key for Google as they don’t want to waste their time crawling a site that is slow to load.

Preparing your images takes time but it’s worth it in terms of optimising your site speed and SEO! If time really is a factor I would still recommend you complete the ALT text of your images over any of the other categories, descriptions, captions etc.

SEO tip fill in the alt text for images

Use Headings and Sub-Headings

Make sure your keyword or phrase is in the title of your post, and at least one heading or subheading within the post if you can, but don’t force it if it looks spammy.

This technical SEO tip might sound obvious, but sometimes you just need someone to actually say it out loud. Remember, it’s all about helping Google to read what your post is about so that they can show it to people who are searching for the keywords you have set.

Using headings and subheadings is not only good for SEO but for the readability of your post. If you need help with this and a bit of coaching, please do get in touch. As a copy-editor and blogger, I can help you.

use headings and subheadings

Use Yoast As A Guide

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. If you are a new blogger or one who is not that experienced and are still learning all the ins and outs of SEO, use Yoast as a guideline. It can help you to focus on SEO and on the readability of your post. It offers a great guideline for making sure your post ticks the boxes for basic SEO. And it’s FREE!

The catch is that it won’t tell you what keywords you should be using so again, do your keyword research before you start optimising your post for SEO. It will, however, tell you if your post is optimised for the keywords you tell it you want to rank for.

SEO tip use Yoast

There you have it, my top 4 Technical SEO tips for bloggers. If you would like more in-depth training and want to learn to do SEO yourself, or if you want an SEO audit done on your website, please do get in touch.

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top 4 technical seo tips for bloggers
October 16, 2019

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