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Optimising old posts for SEO is vital to keep your blog fresh, relevant and to keep Google happy. However, it’s often, not a priority for bloggers when it comes to time management.



There are many reasons why you should edit your old blog posts. It’s a fact that the more experienced bloggers spend probably just as much time editing old blog posts as they do writing new ones.

Why you should edit old blog posts:

  • It’s good for improving your SEO.
  • You live and you learn so you will definitely have improved with experience.
  • You can republish your old blog posts to a new audience.
  • If someone lands on an old blog post, if it’s not current or relevant they will most likely click off assuming the content is now irrelevant. Hindsight allows you to update and refresh your perspective on the topic.
  • No matter how good you are at editing and proofreading your blog posts, when you edit an old post you will most likely find an error or two.
  • Optimising images can be a pain, so sometimes when you’re in a rush to publish a post you forget (or choose not) to optimise the images, to save time. By going back and editing old posts you will pick up where you might have made an error.

Why you should edit your old website content

The simple point of this product is that you can hire me to do that for you. Optimising old posts for SEO is often not a priority when it comes to time management, I get that. So why not outsource it to me instead.


  • What do you get?

  • Optimise your old blog posts for SEO (keywords identified & agreed with the client in advance)
  • On-screen copyediting to check for readability, grammar and spelling.
  • Updating backlinks, ensuring they are still relevant.
  • Optimising images, meta descriptions etc.


Order now, buy 4 get 1 for free

If you place an order for 4 posts now, I’ll throw in the 5th for free. Offer valid until 30 April 2021.

Please note: I will require editing access to your website’s dashboard. Specialist subject matter will incur a higher fee. WORDPRESS ONLY. 


edit old blog posts

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December 2, 2019

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