Is The World Of Blogging Saturated?

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I attended an event recently where there were a number of bloggers and writers in attendance. We were listening to a presentation by a marketing consultant. When it came time for the Q & A session, there were two questions that were asked that both came back to the same thing: Is the world of blogging saturated?

The world of blogging seems saturated – are there any topics that haven’t been covered before?

My answer – probably not. But that shouldn’t stop you writing your version of that topic because everyone’s interpretation is different and unique.

Should I write a blog post about a topic that has been covered countless times? Share on X

This is something that a lot of people can relate to. It’s a question I have asked myself many times as well. If you’ve ever typed into Google, ‘blog post ideas’, or asked yourself these questions?

  • Why should I bother to write a post that others have covered before?
  • What have I got to say on the subject that could possibly be different?
  • Will my readers think I’m being lazy covering a popular topic.

Then you are not alone.

These thoughts can often make us feel like it’s not worth continuing with our blogs and websites and can even lead to writer’s block. Please don’t let it get to that – check out this post with 10 tips on how to overcome writer’s block.

My answer to all these questions is simple.

The reason why we should continue to write these blog posts is because we want to help people and share our knowledge. The way that we interpret something and then explain it to our readers will always be different to the other posts out there.

This is true of so many different topics as well. Think about it …

Everyone's experience is different, so share your experience. Share on X

How is the way I say it any different?

As a travel blogger, if you go to London for the day and visit Big Ben, you might doubt yourself and wonder why you should even write about it. No, you’re not the first or last person to do that. There are probably 10,000 blog posts out there that mention visiting London and seeing Big Ben. But that doesn’t mean that your audience have read those posts. And it doesn’t mean that your interpretation of that visit is the same as those other 10,000.

Everyone’s experience will be different. Write about it in your own words, because that’s what really good blog posts are made of.

Maybe you’re writing an advice post …

Is your advice going to be different to 50 other people’s advice? If, for example, you are writing a post giving tips and advice to your followers, are you doubting yourself?

Yes, there might be 50 blog posts out there about ‘Top 10 benefits of kale’. That shouldn’t stop you writing about it, if you believe that kale is worth it. The way that you write, and the way you present your findings will be unique to you and your writing. So just write the post.

I wrote a post which is an Basic SEO Checklist For Bloggers. I know that there are probably 500 more posts out there that are very similar, but I still wrote it. And the reason I did that is because my readers, my followers, find the way that I interpret SEO to be useful, practical and easy to follow, for them. That is all I’m aiming to do, to reach that one person.

But I’m not unique?

Some say the world of parent blogging (where I started out) is incredibly saturated with topics. And I tend to agree with this. It’s very hard to come up with a topic that no one has written about before. Let’s face it, parent bloggers are sharers, but we’re all parenting so it’s not that different is it?

But that doesn’t mean that my blog post on Top 10 Things To Pack For A Road trip tips on travelling with kids won’t possibly make a difference to someone one day. So I should still write my post.

you are your only limit

Is the world of blogging saturated?

Probably. But that’s okay. Instead of limiting ourselves or not doing something we really want to do just because it’s been done before, we should be drawing on those who have gone before us for inspiration and advice.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this topic so please let me know in the comments below.

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May 22, 2019

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