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When you book a Power Hour with me, you will be able to tell me exactly what you want to focus on during that hour of time we spend together. It can be on Pinterest, SEO, Blogging or Social media. Whatever you want to focus on in that dedicated hour, is how we will spend the time.



I’m super excited to launch a new service for all my valued customers. I realise that sometimes we are all a little busy, and life gets in the way. Not to mention that 2020 and 2021 have been the craziest years that we can probably remember. Between lockdowns, working from home, having to home educate our kids, and then all this up and down, back and forth, it’s been tough to find the time to focus on what you and your business needs. So I have come up with a solution that I hope will suit most of you—a Power Hour.

What is a Power Hour


Whatever you want.

I offer several different interlinked services but also quite different depending on your business and your level of knowledge. When you book a Power Hour consultancy session with me, you will be able to tell me exactly what you want to focus on during that hour we spend together. Here are a few ideas:

  • You know what SEO is, and you think you’re doing it right, but your DA isn’t growing, and you want to deep dive into why and how you can improve it – Book a Power Hour!
  • You have created an Instagram Account but have no clue how to grow your audience or what type of content you should be putting on there – Book a Power Hour!
  • If you have a Pinterest account but don’t understand how to use it, what type of strategy works best for your business, or you may want to go through all the updates and algorithm changes – Book a Power Hour!
  • Or maybe you’re a new blogger who would like to pick my brains about how to monetise your blog, what are backlinks, how to improve my views, whatever you’re stuck with – Book a Power Hour!
  • Perhaps you feel like your social media presence needs a bit of an update, or maybe you think you should be on different platforms compared to what you are on. We can go through this and assess what would serve you best – Book A Power Hour!

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, please book your power hour now.


How To Book A Power Hour With Me


I’m all about flexibility and working around families and other commitments; I’m a mum too. There are two ways you can do this:

Option 1: Commit, book the hour now! Then reply to the confirmation email telling me what exactly you’d like to focus on in your Power Hour when you’re available, and then we can schedule the appointment.

Option 2: Send me an email at, or DM me on Facebook or Instagram, and we can discuss what you want to focus on in your Power Hour and when would be the best time to meet, and then come back here and book your Power Hour.


Practical Details of the Power Hour


Cost: The cost of a Power Hour consultancy session, during which you can deep dive into any topic and pick my brain for the whole hour, is £50.00.

How: The meeting will be via ZOOM, so all you need to ensure is you have a good internet connection.

How To Pay: Book via the website here, and payment is via PayPal.


If you have any questions, do get in touch.


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November 2, 2020

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