How To Follow Hashtags On Instagram

How To follow hashtags on Instagram

If you’re not already following hashtags on Instagram, you should be. Following hashtags on Instagram is a great way to engage with the community using that hashtag.

I’m sure you have noticed by now, that we’re a little bit obsessed with Hashtags, and the best place to play with, and make use of hashtags is, of course, on Instagram.

So how does the Follow Hashtag function work?

It’s really easy to follow hashtags, you simply type the hashtag in the search bar (i.e. #socialmediacoach), and then it will come up with the option to ‘Follow’, you either select it or you don’t. I’ve attached a screenshot I took where I was asked if I want follow the hashtag I was searching “#socialmediacoach”.

Follow Hasthags On Instagram Social Media Coach

What happens then is that the Instagram algorithm will randomly select posts from that hashtag’s feed and add them to your feed.

Alternatively you can check out their Instagram Blog Post: You Can Now Follow Hashtags!

Why You Should Follow Hashtags

This is an exciting new feature which will allow you to keep up to date with others who use and like the same hashtags as you. Remember, a hashtag is basically a way of finding posts and people who like the same things you do. Each hashtag is almost like it’s own community and by being active in that community you will expose your brand to others in that community too. It’s a great way of growing your following and building a community around your brand, legitimately!

How Can Blue Media Edit help you with Hashtags?

One of the services we offer is that of hashtag research and identification for you and your brand. Check out my online shop for more information.

If you would like more information, please get in touch by emailing me at info@bluemediaedit, or you can make contact directly via any of our social media profiles as well – links to which are on the front page of my website, and in the sidebar!

If you think this information will be useful to your friends and colleagues, please share it with them, and in the meantime go following those hashtags! Thanks Instagram – we love you!

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  • Oh wow, this is very cool. Especially in terms of finding like minded people, on Instagram which can prove difficult because people post such random different things! Thanks for sharing!

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