Stop Procrastinating: Just Start!

One of the biggest hurdles to actually starting your own blog, business or enterprise, is taking that first step.┬áHere’s a little piece of advice from me that may be a little controversial, and might even be a bit of a risk to those of you who like to plan everything to the enth degree. However, it is what it is. My advice is simple – just start!

Start today, right now!

This is a little motivational message for all you budding entrepreneurs out there, who have an idea, a dream. If it’s something you’re passionate about, it if it’s something you can’t stop thinking about, and if it’s something you believe others will benefit from, then, in the end, the answer to the question, “Should I start?” is really quite simple! Yes. Just start!

I’m a serial procrastinator. I’ve had so many ideas that I didn’t implement, and before I knew it, someone else had come along and done something similar simply because I ummed and ahhed for too long. In my experience, if you wait until tomorrow, you will always find an excuse to put it off. There will always be another excuse or perceived hurdle in your way. My advice to you would be to just start.

There’s that famous saying by Benjamin Franklin, one that I hate to hear because it’s true!

Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today quote

Unfortunately, at some point, you’re going to have to just start. You may not have everything all figured out, and you might not know everything about everything.

That’s okay.

Just Start

Learning as you go, is okay.

You don’t have to know everything or be 100% sure about what direction you want to go it. That’s okay. You will work it out as you go along.

Mistakes are part of the process. Don’t let the fear of making a mistake, stop you from starting.

If you’re looking for advice on how to start a blog, check out this post I wrote before I went freelance. I keep it updated as regularly as possible so the tips and advice are all still relevant.

Just start!

You can call me afterwards if you need some help! For now, just start!

If you are looking for some advice on any of these subjects just get in touch at

Here are some other products that might be useful if you’re considering launching a new business and need some help with blogging or social media:

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February 19, 2018

  • Best advice every! If I had to get everything perfect for my blog before I start, I will still not have published. But jumping in and just starting has helped “forced” me to focus on good enough. #lekkerlinky

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