The list of Social Media Services I offer will ultimately be defined by what you, the client, needs. Anything from online social media coaching, to blog coaching, and whatever objective support you need. All services are offered face to face, or online via skype, Google Hangouts, or even simply on the phone.

List of Services

Here is a list of the services I offer relating to social media, but the very nature of my venture is to hear what you need and help you to achieve it:

  • Social Media Coaching on the basics of the three main social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Social Media Profiles creation.
  • Social Media and Website Audit
  • Social Media Coaching Workshops (Group bookings require a minimum of three people and a maximum of six)
  • Instagram Hashtag and keyword identification based on your brand, product and optimum audience.
  • Instagram Coaching: how to use hashtags, how to gain organic followers, instagram profile strategy, etc.
  • Twitter Coaching: what is ‘Twitter’, how to use it, how to gain organic followers, strategy, post editing, do’s and don’ts etc.
  • Facebook Page creation, profile strategy, how to network, how to grow your following and the basics on how to run Facebook Ads.
  • Blog Mentoring and ‘How To Start A Blog’ including the social media coaching you will need in order to get your voice heard. This service includes tips, advice and practical tutoring to set up your free WordPress blog.

You can download my Introductory Brief which gives you more information about who I am, and how Blue Media Edit came to be.

Alternatively, please complete the form below and let’s see how I can help you with your online social media presence.

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