10 Ways To Repurpose Existing Content From Your Website

2 Reasons to repurpose existing content

What does is mean to repurpose existing content?

To repurpose existing content is the process of transforming old content into something new. It is a technique that many content marketers use to make their existing content work for them over and over again.

There are 2 reasons why you should repurpose your existing content:

  1. The hard work has already been done. It takes less energy and resource to repurpose content than it does to create new content from scratch. Make the most of your resources.
  2. Repurposing content is a good, responsible way to ensure your content is up to date and relevant to today’s world.
repurpose existing content

How To Repurpose Your Existing Content by Following These 7 Simple Steps

If you’re looking to repurpose a core piece of content such as a whitepaper, an article or a blog post, the first place to start would be to update that post with relevant and updated information. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Remove outdated references that date your post, such as referring to lockdown or coming out of lockdown.
  • Check any references you have made in the post to external content. Make sure that piece of content is still relevant in the industry; perhaps consider a more updated piece of content that’s been updated (just as you’re doing to yours).
  • Check that any links in your article are still directed to appropriate content, that they are not broken, or that the page you’re linking to hasn’t been taken down or redirected.
  • Add new images to the post and remove the old ones.
  • Check whether the keywords you want to rank for are still working or if you need to tweak the keyword phrase.
  • Consider adding internal links to newer content on your own site.
  • Republish the content with a new date to indicate to Google that it has been updated, but avoid changing the URL of the page.

These are a few ways to repurpose your existing piece of content. Remember, the ultimate goal is to ensure your readers and users have the best experience.

10 Ways To Repurpose Existing Content

What do you do with the content once it has been repurposed and updated?

Once your core piece of content has been updated, here are some more ways to repurpose it, and make that content work for you across multiple digital channels:

  1. Create a PowerPoint presentation either in Powerpoint itself or Canva Pro
  2. Turn the content into a podcast.
  3. Create an infographic.
  4. Create an explainer video on YouTube.
  5. Share a link to the article on social media with a teaser of what the post contains encouraging people to click through.
  6. Share the top actionable highlights in a Twitter thread with accompanying graphics.
  7. Turn the content into a short social media video on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram or even YouTube shorts.
  8. Create an informative carousel post on LinkedIn or Instagram
  9. If your content is well researched and a long-form post or whitepaper you can turn it into an ebook.
  10. Create an email course from the content


If you’re sitting on a sizeable amount of existing content on your website and think you’ve probably run out of ideas or you simply don’t have time to create new content, repurposing existing content, be it a blog post, whitepaper, ebook or podcast, think about how you can you what you already have to make that content work harder, for you.

If this is something you want to do, but you don’t have the time at all, drop me an email at info@bluemediaedit.com, or DM me on Instagram and we can schedule a time to discuss how I can repurpose your existing content for you.

September 5, 2022

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