Marishka Mansill of Muppie Lounge

Should you ever start something new but have no clue how to handle the online blogging and social media world, Carly is your “girl.” If she doesn’t know something, she will do anything to get the answers and then won’t think twice to share her knowledge with you.

I have fallen in love with her passion for what she does and what she invests in her clients. She is a gem and definite thumbs-up to have on your contact list. I am thankful for her input and will forever be grateful for what she has taught me. Not only is she brilliant at what she does, but I now call her my friend.

Marishka Mansill

Extract from full post review by Muppie Lounge

Client: Marishka Mansill of Muppie Lounge

Thanks Maris, working with you is a pleasure! You are a dream client! I can’t wait to work with you on the second range, as well as your Mom Just Saying venture!

Marishka was one of my first clients and continues to call on me whenever she needs to, which isn’t very often anymore and that in itself is exactly why I do what I do. The aim has always been to empower others with the knowledge I have so that they don’t need me anymore.

If you’d like a quote on an Instagram Audit, one of the more recent jobs that Marishka has sent my way, please check out the button below.

January 16, 2018