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Website Audit including report and follow up consultation. Ideal for all websites and blogs.

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Do you need a Website SEO Audit?


An SEO Audit is a review of your website to see how well it stands up to a typical Google search. An SEO Audit relates specifically to your website and is not a brand audit. You need your website to perform at an optimum level to be found by Google so that they know to recommend your site when users search for the content or service you offer.

Many factors go into a good SEO strategy. Remember, SEO is only part of your wider Strategic Marketing Plan. However, with digital marketing being even more important now that never before, you can no longer expect your website to work for you if you don’t optimise it for search. Technical SEO is something you can control and something you can always improve on.


What To Expect from an SEO Audit


Order an SEO Audit from me today, and I will provide you with a full and detailed SEO report about your website. The report will focus on the following:

  • – Domain Authority
  • – Site Speed
  • – Core Web Vitals
  • – Website usability

Once complete, you will be able to use the report to formulate an actionable plan to improve your website. You will be able to compare yourself to your competitors, uncover your website’s weaknesses and fix what is needed. Included in the price is a virtual consultation to go over the report and recommendations.

I would strongly advise anyone who is considering investing in paid keyword advertising and online ads to do an SEO audit before throwing money into this avenue of advertising your business.

If you have any questions before booking an SEO Audit with me, please send me an email at

May 23, 2019

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