Fun Facts About Social Media


Social media is constantly evolving. The various social media platforms we use every day continue to evolve on a daily basis. I have pulled together a few fun facts about social media that you may or may not know. Active Users in Q3 2017: Facebook: The number of Facebook users topped the 2 billion mark, it is by far the largest Social Media network on the internet. This is based on the number of users who log in to their account over a 30 day period. Instagram: Instagram boasts 800 million users worldwide. Twitter: The number of active Twitter users is 330…

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November 14, 2017

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Project Review: Muppie Lounge

When I first had the idea to give social media coaching a try, I knew I needed a ‘test case’, so when a friend of mine mentioned that she was going to start her own clothing line I approached her to find out what her plans were with regards to the social media marketing of her new brand. She didn’t have a plan. I saw the opportunity for us to help each other and so I offered to be her social media coach in the run up to the launch of her new woman’s wear clothing brand.

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Online Etiquette


I’m a big fan of ‘good manners’ – etiquette! The reality is that I am a mom who is trying to raise my children to be good people who are always kind, polite, respectful and who mind their manners. What it boils down to really, is basic human decency, good manners and etiquette! So how does etiquette work in an online environment? Well, there are a few simple rules you can follow that will ensure you leave your online audience and network wanting to interact with you again.

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Being An Influencer

Buying Followers

What is an Influencer? An “Influencer” in social media terms is someone who has a legitimate following of people who they are able to influence. The ability to influence your followers comes with certain responsibilities as your followers will hopefully trust your opinion and you are basically verifying the product you are promoting. How does this work? Usually, an influencer will be sent a product to use or try out by a certain brand, and in return it is hoped that the influencer will put a blog post or even just a picture of the product recommending it to their…

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