Fun Facts About Social Media

Social media is constantly evolving and the various social media platforms continue to evolve on a daily basis so I pulled together a few fun facts about social media that you may or may not know.

Active Users in Q3 2017:

Who Owns What?

  • Facebook owns Facebook Messenger (obviously), Instagram and Whatsapp, and many more.
  • Google owns YouTube, Google+, Blogger, amongst others.
  • Twitter is owned by a consortium of shareholders.
  • Microsoft owns LinkedIn and Skype
  • Pinterest is owned by Cold Brew Labs which is run by two of the three founders of Pinterest, Ben Silbermann and Paul Sciarra
  • Tumblr is owned by Oath Inc.
  • SnapChat is owned by Snap Inc.

Other Random Facts:

  • 70% of people access Facebook on their mobile phones (so you better make sure your site is mobile responsive!)
  • There are about 350,000 Tweets a minute, worldwide
  • 80% of all online content is User Generated Content (UGC)! In case you don’t know what that means: this post is classed as content, and I (the user) generated it; the selfie you took and uploaded to Instagram, is UGC!

Twitter Stats:

Instagram Stats:

I could go on, but there are just so many different statistics out there I thought this would be enough fun facts about social media for you to read and to help us all realise that if your business is not on social media yet you really need to jump on it or you will be well and truly left behind. Call me! 




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