What Information To Include In Your Media Kit

When bloggers start working with Brands and PR Companies, one of the first things they are asked for is their Media Kit. It’s at this point that most people start to  panic and stress about what to put in their Media Kit, also sometimes called a Press Kit. In this post I list the basic information you need to include in your media kit, even if you don’t have a huge following or great ‘stats’ just yet.

If you follow this guideline, you will be ready to create your own Media Kit in no time.

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Basic SEO Checklist For Bloggers

SEO is like one of those mythical creatures that new bloggers feel like they don’t need to pay attention to. It’s too much and can be overwhelming considering the sheer volume of other “techy stuff” they are learning. Eventually, when their blog starts to take off, they realise that they should have been paying more attention to their Search Engine Optimisation right from the beginning. So with that in mind, I have created a basic SEO Checklist for bloggers that is easily understandable no matter how ‘new’ you are to blogging.  Continue reading Basic SEO Checklist For Bloggers